Hello all, I am new here, so yeah...just wanted to get that out of the way.

I am looking to create a game, or at least a character or terrain or something to help start my future. Being only 14, I am looking to go into a career that involves gaming, but I am not sure what to do right now.

I want to work with games similar to World of Warcraft, so fantasy type MMORPG's.

I have no clue what to do, so could I please get some advice?

Learn some script program? Get a game engine? All I know is i need to have a game engine, but right now, I just want to know where to begin to learn so I can start building the knowledge I will need in the future.


There are a whole bunch of posts like this below somewhere, but basically - try to learn C++ if you don't already. You're going to have to spend some time on just console applications, and that might get boring if you've got games in mind, but have patience. Then, once you've got C++ down pretty well, learn to use a graphics API like Direct3D (part of DirectX) or OpenGL along with C++.

Thanks, I guess I'll do that then.

Actually I recommend learning C++, then the Win32 API then DirectX/OpenGL...

Maybe try something ike this --->

C++ = 2 months
Win32 = until you're able to make a decent app
DirectX/OpenGL = unti you master it
Then = Go back to Win32 and C++ and master them both

I too am 14 and am at the DirectX stage. Though lemme tell you, this can be a VERY stressful job to do and so requires a lot of patience. Actually now that I think about it learn HTML and Javascript(that's what I did) first because some things from Javascript carry onto C++ and since HTML and Javascript are a hell of a lot easier then C++ I recommend it.

The first language I learned was actually C++ (even before HTML), and I didn't find it too hard. Sure, I went sort of slow, but it worked out. You may have to come back to some of the more complicated things though (i.e., pointers, polymorphism). It took me a while and couple of readings of the pointers section of my book to understand why they (pointers) were useful.

Thanks, I'll probably keep learning C++ and do what you did and said

Is DirectX/OpenGL not a bit hard to learn? is it not better to start with a good game engine? (Ogre3d)
If you use Ogre3d, then you don't need to learn both DirectX and OpenGL to make crossplatform games...
Anyway, i don't have experience with DirectX/OpenGL, if it's not too hard to learn, then please tell me, because with DirectX, you always know you're learning something you'll always be using in the gamedevelopment.

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