Im trying to develop a game with Gamemaker 7, problem is I dont know a bit of programing, and I dont know were to get things like sprites, backrounds, etc, is there any way I can rip sprites from a website? I would like to make an turn-based RPG with all different video game characters mixed together. I found one sprite sheet but dont know if its any good, I will attach the sheet so you guys can take a look at it. Any help will be much appreciated and I will credit you in the game if its finished.

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1. Decide the exact characters you want to be in your game. See if you can get them then. Use variables to set the turn numbers and length.

2. Gamemaker 7 makes gamemaking incredibly easy. You most likely will never find yourself overwhelmed with their system.

3. DON'T RIP SPRITES FROM A WEBSITE!!!!! Instead you can kindly ask the siteowner, or the owner of the sprites if you can use them in your game. There's a very high chance they'll say yes :)

4. Not bad sprites, if you have the time, you could edit them a bit, and make them more customized O.o


Thanks for your reply, the thing is I dont know how to use gamemaker, I already know the characters I would like to use.


I used to use GameMaker. There used to be tutorials on the site, but GameMaker got bought by YoYo games, so I'm not sure if they're anywhere anymore. Ill see if I have any saved on my computer somewhere if I have the time.

A nice thing about GMaker is that you learn programming concepts without actually writing code. But GameMaker isn't THAT easy to use (it is from a knowing/not knowing how to code perspective, but not really from other perspectives). I tried to make an RPG in GameMaker once and it wasn't pretty (of course I was younger, but still...).


The tutorials are on that yoyo site :)

They are very helpful. Check them out some time, just use google, you'll get somewhat of an exact url :P


Yeah, i'd also suggest using the gamemaker official PDF tutorials, if you go trough all of them, then you could call yourself and advanced gamemaker "game maker"
And btw, CoolGamer 48, gamemaker wasn't bought by yoyo games, what happens was this:
the creator used gamamaker under the license of the university where he worked for, but because it became a profit making business, the university didn't let him publish it under his name (don't know the reasons) so he started his own company and sells keys for gamamaker.
What i want to say is that YoYo-Games is the propperty of the creator of GameMaker

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