I've got a problem with Microsoft VC++ 6.0 and DirectX. I made my last game using Microsoft VC++ 4.0. I had no problems. I was using DirectX 6.1 SDK and DirectDraw4 functions. Well I'm upgrading my game engine to use DirectX 8.1 SDK. I need to fix a problem that comes up with DirectDraw7. When I compile my engine using the new DirectX DirectDraw7 function, It says that IID_IDIRECTDRAW7 is undeclared. Well, I have ddraw.h included in the project and #include <ddraw.h> in the file. Why it's not finding it I don't know. It finds the DirectDraw function(s) but not the DirectDraw7 function(s). Anyone know whats wrong? I'm using DirectDrawCreateEx() function to create the DirectDraw object.

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Well, instead of using DirectX 8.1, you should use DirectX 9.

Did you replace the ddraw.h in DirectDraw 4 with the one for DirectDraw 9?

I looked at my own DirectX game, and found this:


Seeing as how it's case sensitive(or at least that's how my compiler works), you should try uncapitalizing the middle of the words.

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