Hello there.

I'm currently trying to write a Final Fantasy Tactics-type game and I'm wondering if there is a simple way to simulate a 30° (isometric) view of an image or tiles which are 45° (oblique).
Here is a simple outline of what I want to do:

I've searched and searched the internet for a solution but I have found none. I'm trying to avoid using DirectX or OpenGL, because it just confuses me. Keep in mind that I am only 14, and I haven't learned these complicated concepts. I even have trouble with parabolas at school.

Anyway, I'm quite new to C#, and I've just switched from Visual Basic about a month ago. I've already succeeded in making a very buggy and almost-illogical web browser... It does not open HTML files, but instead, I've created a very inefficient language called NEML.
Just download and see for yourself.
A sample of the structure of NEML code can be found here.

Well, I've gone off-topic, but I hope someone can help me out a little.


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