Ok I'm new to this whole create your own little .exe and have it do something.
But a friend of mine whos only 15 is making really complex scripts in C++ so I suppose an idiot can do it, to some level.

I play a game called Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and I'm trying to make a loader where if I open it and then point it to my mohpa.exe it contains a script (or something) that will remove the fog in the game that lets you only see a short distance.

Now I'm not very smart but could anyone point me in the right direction here, direct help would be really really appreciated but if you can refer me somewhere that could help me that would be great also.
This shouldn't be too hard if someone knows where I can get assistance with this kind of thing.

Thanks so much.



If you really want to mod a game try HL2.... there's a lot more info and tutorials available on the net for it

You might also try to mod oblivion if your computer can run it. It comes with a built in construction set that is easy to use and although it does not involve rewriting any code it is a good place to start in terms of concept and it is reletivly easy to do once you understand the basic controls. Furthermore there are lots of mods for oblivion already out there so you can also learn from other peoples work. Just an idea start from the bottom and work your way up:)

Games like NWN2 and Oblivion are a lot easier to learn modding from. I'd look into those; if those don't work out for you, look at the original Half-Life. It's fairly dated now, but there is a LOT of information on how to mod.

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