I have run in to many problems with these
i dont get how it all works to gather to make the sprites
i want to make a 2D game and that is killing me so any help would be help full to examples of c++ code, to sites that show in detail how to get started with directx any help sorry for the bad English

first of all you must install DirectX SDK
then I suggest you to get the book
Andre Lamothe - Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus
And if you needs examples, I have a few one.

Are you trying to use Directx9 or Directx10

For directx, you should pick up the book "Introduction to 3d game programming with Directx 10" by Frank D.Luna.
How ever if you are not feeling ambitious enough to learn 3d programming Allegro, SDL or even Borland graphics work.
You might feel restricted torwards borland, but for smaller none realtime project it's great.


i have this problem about direct x.. every time i install games in my computer it always prompt me that i have no any direct x compatibility.. i tried downloading and installing all the possible direct x that is needed but still it didn't work..

what am i gonna do with this?? i am planning to use windows 7 and one of its requirement is a direct x.. i might have a problem with this..

help.. :(

any reply pls. email me at <<e-mail snipped>>

many thanks!