Please suggest some tutorials for wow engine. and Give some info about that engine and which 3d application like papervision3d, away3d, sandy etc. is best to suit the wow engine. Please provide some basic tutorials for those...

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I don't know what the wow engine is. Maybe there is a forum directed at that specific engine that you can look at?


I'm pretty sure Blizzard Entertainment have such material available for new employees with a need to know, but almost certainly under a strict NDA.
So all you have to do is apply to them for a job as a programmer and get hired.
Of course the latter will probably require you to put in several years of effort to actually learn to program and to do a bit of independent research and thinking.


If you want to use the engine which was used to create World of Warcraft, then forget about it.
If you're talking about some other engine called the "wow engine" then try looking at the documentation. I don't think it's a well known engine, so your best bet is to search the website of the engine.

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Anyone releasing anything under the name "wow engine" would quickly feel the strong arm of Blizzard's lawyers.

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