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Uhm lol.
You need the PS3 SDK (aka PS3 Software Development Kit). I'm afraid it costs money. If Sony aren't tards you probably can download a demo version or maybe a personal version.

Then you of course need to gain programming experience.

And finally you'll spend 1 year designing the game, 1 year programming it, and 1 year making the graphics. That if you have a team of atleast 10 developers. Well and then success, you now made Modern Warfare 3. But oh well? Copyright issues? Oh gawd you didn't know of that, but well it was fun as long it lasted, now too bad you had to pay your billion income to Infinity Ward.

So... that's how you do.

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Poor attempt at being snide.

Well, you can make simple games (not using the RSX chip) using the linux operating system on (most) ps3s
Then I think it's just standard linux game development.

But if you're new to all this, start developing for just one platform, the PC
+ you can find more stuff about pc game development


How can i make PS3 games?

I guess my first question to you is do you have any experience in programming games and if so what scale of games have you worked on? Your questions is a pretty general one

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