I have a slot game written in flash actionscript 1.0 , all the data is inside the .fla file.
This game communicates with a PHP file and gets some data from it,and updates a database based on the wins or loses of the player.(in the php file,the credit of the player is updated based on his win or loss and bet and then this value is updated inside the database)
My question is : Can I make this game to work on desktop ? Like C++ with Flash instead of WebBrowser+PHP+Flash ?Or C# with Flash ? I also want some security.Which one would be better.I want it to work on windows at any costs.So the player will just have to download the game.exe and Run an installer through it,and then play my game. I want to make a desktop game from it with the same looks and functionality as it is in the browser.
Can you offer me some tutorials/documentation about this ?

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There's a couple of options.

Adobe has a set of tools that you can use to natively host flash in your Applications. Check the Flashplayer API.

Also, if you wish to stick with C# you can use the WebBrowser control to host a frame inside your Windows form. This control is almost the same as Internet Explorer but without the menu bars and other superfluous controls. You can point the WebBrowser control to your flash file.

Personally, if you want a more seamless integration, I would look at Adobe's flash player controls for C#. Google should bring up some good results. =)


This might not be possible with your version of flash, but you MIGHT be able to create it as an adobe air application.

This allows you to access your file system read/write files.

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