Hi Was wondering if anyone did know of a way to convert games (to get involved with companies) to convert games in Windows to Linux ? put like a opengl wrapper around the DirectX stuff as such. without using wine(x).

I would like to have UT3 on a linux platform and I would be willing to develop it to work, because the present development cycle appears to have stopped, there is server in linux but that is about it.

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It is not hard to develop a game working on both Windows and Linux, even on both OpenGL and DirectX.

But it sounds like you want to modify the existing Unreal Tournament 3?

First of all you would need access to the source code.
Then, if the original developers has been lazy and made a very non-scalable code, you will have a lot of struggles trying to implement OpenGL support.

In any case, it is very timey and not something one guy would want to do, just to play his favorite game on Linux.

Note: Graphics rendering is also eventually done by a commercial game engine. In this case, you won't need to modify Unreal Tournament, but rather the Game Engine.
- This is often easier to modify, but far harder to get hands on source.


thanks for the information Excizted :).

Probably abit to much work as such to play a game in Linux :(. shame that the developers did not do a Linux client.

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