Hi Guys,


Short quote: "The XMenuForge Framework is an extremely powerful DirectX-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) development tool for modern games. A dedicated graphical designer (XMenuForge Designer) based on the XMenuForge Framework is used to design, create and save menu systems (both main-menu and in-game type menus), and this saved menu can then be loaded easily into your application by including the MenuForge static library (LIB) and using the framework project loading methods. The framework offers a variety of classic GUI controls, many of which function almost exactly the same as in development languages such as C#, C++ Builder, Visual Basic and many more. Components and their respective events are fully accessible and programmable, and have been optimized to deliver superior performance in gaming engines."

It plugs into any existing engine, using the engines own Direct3D device, depth stencil etc. or it can create all the needed Direct3D object infrastucture for you... your choice.