Hi, I just write a tutorial about making a very basic Space Invaders using C# and XNA. It earned me 800 pageviews in just over 1 day, so I think It would be helpful for you :). If it's not, sorry for the incovenient, if it is, it would be nice to leave some comment for me :D.

Anyways, hope you enjoys it. Welcome any criticise. ;)


I don't understand the emoticon? Is that mean I copied from that post or something? But it's absolutely different with my post. My article is more for someone who start get into XNA which absolutely beginner with 2D traditional Space invader game. And the one in CodeProject is a bit higher level with 3d style.
If you don't know which one to choose, it's absolutely different style one with 2d and one with 3d. You could read mine first then read the one in code project .

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