Can anyone help me to create or to call "Fractal" using Java?

Here a short defenition about fractal :
"Many people are immediately drawn to the bizarrely beautiful images known as fractals. Extending beyond the typical perception of mathematics as a body of sterile formulas, fractal geometry mixes art with mathematics to demonstrate that equations are more than just a collection of numbers. With fractal geometry we can visually model much of what we witness in nature, the most recognized being coastlines and mountains. Fractals are used to model soil erosion and to analyze seismic patterns as well. But beyond potential applications for describing complex natural patterns, with their visual beauty fractals can help alter students' beliefs that mathematics is dry and inaccessible and may help to motivate mathematical discovery in the classroom. "

Help me please....

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The mathematics are well described in many publications. For the graphics there are several options, most notably OpenGL and Java2D.
Start with studying those separately, then combine that knowledge.

Good luck on the math ;) I made one once. You'll need a complex class since it goes in the form a + bi or something like that. I can't remember the exact formula for a mandelbrot.

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In java it's simple largely due 2 its 2d package.

Try googling 4 ideas. The mandelbrot set is defined by--
(-2.25 < Re c < 0.75,-1.5 < Im c <1.5)

Simple as pie. :cool:

is that applepie or chocolate pie? :)

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is that applepie or chocolate pie? :)

Chocolate pie sounds yucky, do they sell that over in the netherlands? :cheesy: :

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