What is a good written tutorial for Blender 2.49? It needs:

1) To be written: I do NOT want a lesson, video, or audio
2) Optionally, free. I would prefer one free but am OK with paying
3) Needs to cover modelling/rendering: needs to at least teach texture and multiple colors and intermediate rendering, ideally modelling people and high-level rendering
4) Needs to start VERY BASIC and work its way up. I have only a tiny bit of experience in 3D in general and even less specifically in Blender, but don't want one that ends when you learn to put two cubes together - it needs to end in-depth, ideally with further reading but not necessarily
5) Needs to teach animation, at least up to effects such as soft bodies, rapid motion, wind, fire, etc.
6) Needs to at least give basics of game engine and using Python scripting (I know python itself but don't know how to apply it to Blender GE), ideally goes in-depth but not necessarily
7) OPTIONALLY gives interface navigation/keyboard shortcuts, again not necessary

I dislike Blender Noob to Pro and would really prefer a different one. Thanks!

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To be honest your best off with video tutorials. BlenderCookie is really good. The authors are all pros and they voice over the tutorial well (so you can model whilst just listening to the video) and they cover all the basics. They do everything from modeling, right up to rendering.

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