Just a simple question. Where do i start?

Ive tried learning c++ a few times and gave up, but found some nice tutorials and im back in the mood to learn. I really dont know what i want to accomplish when it comes to making programs. But, i figured id start at games. I want to start developing games for linux distros, since there arent many good ones out there.

Im just a curious cat right now =D

Hmm, i am getting errors when including <Gl/glut.h>, no such file or directory =0

You need to install OpenGL and glut and both of their development packages. On linux you can probably do something like

sudo yum install glut*

On Windows, I have no idea :)

There should be plenty of tutorials online for how to do this though.

I'm guessing you'd download the appropriate headers and libraries and dump them in your compiler/IDE folders. If you want something simpler, have a look at Allegro. What IDE/Compiler are you using anyway?

Im on windows at the moment, cause i feel completely lost with linux/ubuntu. Using visual studio 2010.

Ive downloaded a glut-3.7 file, but not sure what to do with all the crap inside it. Im trying to follow many tutorials right now, i feel a bit confused.

Is there not an installation tutorial on NeHe?

After i get the open gl window running in windows, im gona head back over to linux and see if i cant do the same.

Why is it that there arent many games (quality games) for linux? It seems like the "free" community is a lazy community. Its sad that there has to be a monetary value for someone to be motivated.

I am really interested in starting some kind of game for linux. What would take longer to create? A fps or simulator?

'Cos the free community isn't getting paid, so there's no incentive.

The problem with games on Linux is related to the library differences between distros. There's also issues with packaging, dependences and, to some extent, licensing. Games for Windows have a slightly easier time in that you just use DirectX and have at it. There are some very good games for Linux out there, though. You just have to look harder for them.