I have a IBM ThinkPad T22. I have been using this machine for about 2 and 1/2 to 3 months now. It has been a good quality(sp?) machine for a while but all of a sudden when I boot or re-boot it it will just sit at the IBM ThinkPad screen. then it will say hard drive not found. then it will come up saying the OS isnt found. I know the OS is there. any ideas? Fried mobo? bad hard drive? anyways I plan to call IBM in the morning

Model: ThinkPad T22
Processor: PIII 900mhz
Ram: 256 megs of PC100
OS: windows 2000 pro
Hard Drive: 30 gig IBM
Cd-Rom: 8x dvd rom and 24x cd-rom

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your harddrive might be bad a bad harddrive will do that

Heres and update: I called IBM. they had me run a disk fitness test on the drive. It never did find the drive so i called them back and they said i had a bad hard drive and are sending me a new one. I hope that is the problem. I'm due to get it in the next 3 to 5 days. then the fun of loading it up as I have never loaded a laptop and have no clue what to do lol. I imagine it is very similer (sp?) to loading up a desktop only more complex.

IBM sent me my new hard drive and I installed it last night and it worked so i'm good for now lol. The machine is almost 3 years old and my warrenty runs out sometime in september I belive do you think its worth buying and extended warrenty on it?

Viperman, I have the same laptop with the same problem . How were you able to run a disk fitness test? Where can I get this to run it? I'm stuck on the thinkpad page, doesn't find hard drive, doesn't find operating system, and I even tried to reinstall xp, and it never got past the loading of files.
It's used and way out of warrantee. any advice would be greatly appreciated

I am not to sure on the disk fitness test. I know my dad got it off the IBM.com some how. He had to take care of it because mine is still warrentied and it was in his name. as for xp, don't bother use 2000 pro because I tryed installing xp on mine and it was nothing but problems. sound didnt work and it crashed all the time. it could possibly still be under warrenty. this is the site you can go to. http://www-1.ibm.com/support/us/all_download_drivers.html

if that doesn't work type in your machine type number located near the serial number on the bottom of your machine

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