If anyone has a game project that they are working on and wouldn't mind having a helping hand with it, I would really like to be a part of the project. I wouldn't require pay or anything, just a credit if the game ever reaches the market. I'm willing to do pretty much anything (and I mean anything), I'd just like to work with someone, or a team, on one of these game development projects. You know, to like get to know how the work flow actually works, what's needed to make a game, and the processes and effort that is required.

My skills with computers and their developmental applications are rather limited . But I do, have a wide range of these experiences and know my way around many of the applications. This is pretty much my resume:
FL Studio
Sony Acid Studio 4.0 and 7
3DS Max 7 and 9
Martin Hash's Animation Master
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4
Engines like Torque, TGEA, and Torque 3D
Development Languages such as C, C++, and Java with minimal network/socket experience
Development Libraries such as OpenGL and Allegro/AllegroGL
Networking experience with TCP/IP
Certifications in Hardware, Networking, and Security
I am also a semi decent artist (traditional and digital) and can/will work on concept art if need be.

My only request, is that we need to stay in contact with each other and a regular basis. I've been with projects that don't work because the project leader didn't keep in contact with it's members.

If you'd be willing to work with me, just either send me a pm, or email me at haleseen@hotmail.com

PS> If this is in the wrong area, please do me the favor of moving it to the right one. Thanks ;p

Did You any Maya experience.....

maya experience? You mean for programming scripts, for art, or both?

Just saying question is kinda vague.

Did You any Maya experience.....

No I don't have any Maya experience. But I'm sure it is somewhat similar to many of the other 3D modeling programs and if needed, I could make a transition if given the software. But no, I've not been exposed to that program and have no means to get a license for it.

I sent you an email. I look forward to hearing back from you. Derrick

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