i have to develop a game to teach object oriented concepts clearly by using a game. 1 game should include all 5 concepts ( inheritance,polymorphism,abstraction,encapsulation and message passing) please tel me a way to develop that game.
thank you

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Should we design a game for you ? If so, I can't.

If you design a game, you will probably end with all those concepts. It is very hard to develop even a simple game, without using abstraction, encapsulation, composition etc.

Polymorphism can take a little time to think about though.


Try making a simple game like naughts and crosses to start with. you might use all of them to start with but its a good bases before moving onto a bigger board game like chess or checkers which would use all of the above.


thnx. the game should teach the user what is information hiding, inheritance and all.. as an example : if thers a vehicl n its green n in that vehicle catogory thr cn be, cars,vans bla green color and all the qualitys dt vehicl has got... so then the user vl gt an idea what is inheritance. like wise with 1 game shud show these concpts..
im stl thinkn for a game to design..

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