I know alot of you are gonna get mad that i started a thread on directX books when clearly at the top there already is a thread on direct X books, but this is different. I need books on Vector Algebra and Matrix Math/Algebra. I'm learning DirectX9/10 and i have to say its not going as smoothly as i would like it to. I'm looking to buy a book on amazon called...


That one... Is that a good book to start with? I'm comfortable with command line type programming. I've read C++ Primer Plus Fifth edition by Stephen Prata (fantastic book by the way) and i feel that i'm what someone would say an "intermediate programmer" I'd like to learn The math required for DirectX and I feel i have the dedication to study it on my own. But right now I'm only in 9th grade Geometry because, I'm in the 9th grade. I'm not necessarily getting into DirectX to make games, i'm primarily interested in 3D animation and also a little game here and there.

What are some book you would recomend for learning Vector and Matrix Algebra/Math?
Also What do you think of that book? What was the book you enjoyed the most while learning DirectX 9/10?

Just putting this out there, I've been reading Jonathan s. Harbour's book "Beginning Game Programming Third Edition" and it's not so great. So please don't recommend that book. Alright, sorry for all the typing. Seeya and thanks

It might be a bit late, but this is the book I got in school and it had some real good info.


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