i am going to learn xna or glm for designig games(i studied on entertainmetn and fun aspects of designing a game to become a game designer)
now i must learn a programing languedge ...which languedge do you suggest me to learn?how should i start ?i am not experienced in programing

If you are going to do it in XNA you'd better learn C#. Visual Basic and Visual C++ will do too ofcourse.

If you choose XNA, the best choice in my opinion is C#, cause if you want to, in the future, change to C++, then it's much easier than if you'd learn VB

thanks! for replies :)

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Difference of opinion here but i'd suggest C# because i dont really know why anyone would want to go back from C++ to c# I assume C++ does everything of C# and more? if not I'd still suggest C++ from preference and the fact it is not microsoft dominated. but that would not matter to you as your using xna which is microsoft dominated.


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