people, i'm new to game designing.i'm experienced in gaming(i have new concepts ,many of idaes of had befor are now a game by others!) .and i am studing on entertainment and fun aspects of game(analyzing good and bad games.studied books such as ''art of game design'' or''game design workshop''... but i am not experienced in programng:icon_exclaim:
which languedge is best to me?many of my friends suggested me start with xna...
many others say start with python or gml.
which is the best to become a good game designer(not programer)?

Well, I'm not really sure that I'm following you here, you're saying that you want to know which is best to become a good game designer, and explicitly state that you do not mean a programmer, but if that is the case, why would you want to learn programming at all?

While true that there are ways to learn, what I would call, softcore programming(a.k.a GML), your stated goal is to deal with game design and not programming, there are various programs that let try out designing a game without ever touching the programming aspect, like RPG Maker, or GM's base.

The point I'm trying to make first mentioning this, before adressing the question itself, is that you should just stay focused on your goal, if you'll try to learn programming now, you'll be distracted.
You said you had no base in programming, that means that you'll need to learn basic programming before moving on to game dev, or you'll just be lost, and even after that, dealing with programming as a beginner, especially game programming, usually results in a large amount of debugging the code and troubleshooting, rather than actual design, until a base engine is done, even if you go to GML.

In sum, I would strongly suggest against learning a language if your goal is game design and not programming, but if you still want to delve into that, the best method I would suggest is RPG Maker, as it lets you slide in smooth into game design with no need for knowledge of programming at all, it might be a bit restrictive, but it's completely beginner-friendly.

Also, while a little irrelvant, I feel that I should also point out that whenever the time comes that you want to go and try to make a spot on a team developing a game online, that you should find a new way to introduce your current skills, people tend to get closeheaded when you tell them that you have no skills in art, programming, composing, or anything practical for the project, but "you have new concepts ,many of idaes of had befor are now a game by others".

Good luck to you in whatever path you'll be taking from here =)

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