hi, first of all im noob and 11 years old so don't blame me if something is wrong!
i try to read a txt, see a version, read a txt on a server, see if on server newer and ask to update if yes. any suggestions? Oh and in C++ ONLY!

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Go and learn about some socket programming and fstream.

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Go and learn about some socket programming and fstream.

searched, not found. i just find servers/clients. i need to read the contents of a file at a server. not do a server. please gimme links too, google hates me. hes not my friend.

You need some way to communicate with the server. If you are not setting up your own server client on the server then you will have a hard time accessing it with just C++ without much programming.

If you only want to hit-up a server and grab some text off it I would use a utility like telnet or ssh.

You could try making your own telnet/HTTP client to connect to port 80 on the server and GET the text file, possibly. The HTTP protocol uses ASCII/plain text to communicate so you could make a C++ client that sets up a connection with a server on port 80 and communicate with the HTTP protocol and try to snag your text file off it.

You could (if you're too lazy to make your own) check out some C++ HTTP/FTP libraries HERE.

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