I did not know where to ask this question so I have put it here, feel free to move it if it is in the wrong place. My issue is that I cannot stand any of the usual programming fonts because letters tend to be the same, either '1' and 'l' or 'l' and 'I'. I want to know if there is a good, simple, not irritating, small font that could be used for programming that has a full set of unique characters? (or must I make my own?)

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Courier New is the font that I use in code::blocks and 'i', 'L' and '1' don't look all the same.

Note: if you type into the post editor the font is Courier New but the actual posts use a different font that has very similar characters for the 3 characters 'i', 'L' and '1'.


But Courier New does have identical 'l' and '1' characters... I use lucida sans... but it has TINY spaces.

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