Hi, I'm mostly a Python programmer but I now want to move to more web-based applications. What languages would you guys recommend for creating online games/applications? I already have a few Java books as I have been itching to learn it; would it be a good choice for web development? Or should I try HTML 5?

Thanks for any feedback.

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You can't make a game in HTML. HTML is static, meaning you'll be rewriting files, and that simply isn't possible. Go learn some HTML and CSS, then learn Javascript and familiarize yourself with SQL. After that you can learn PHP/ASP.NET (I prefer PHP, ASP.NET is proprietary, it'll only run on Windows, not many free hosts provide ASP.NET but they provide PHP and the list goes on), then you can learn Java.

If you don't know HTML/CSS at least, you won't go very far. HTML is for the design, and CSS is for styling it. PHP/ASP.NET will provide the actual game code (unless you're making it in Java).

For your first few games, I highly recommend PHP. There's a ton of support and tutorials for PHP, so there's no reason not to learn it.


hieeee ......can any one help me ....i want to learn gameing ...pplzz can one help yar....


Yeah sure, here's what you do:
1) Learn propper grammar;
2) Understand that getting into game design is a risky business;
3) Ask specific questions e_e

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