I was just curious if anyone wanted to help out in game devolpment in
A game called Arctic Frost I dont really wanna post it on here because it takes up alot of room I just wanna say somestuff. What I am Is I am 17 And I wanna make a game please dont think I am going to pay you heh if we get the project done And ready to go you will prolly get payed
But Dont get ur hopes up you will be payed back A diffrent way trust me!

If you contribute to this game you will Most likely be the following

A. Game master of the game (Get to make sure people are doing good in game and warn them witch I always wanted to do)

B. Suspiousin Decter (You get Acess to the main server and get to do Everything on the computer Throw your house)

This project will be a non-payed project The game will prolly be 5-12 dollars a mounth once we get this going good we will see how it works

We need programmers Including C++/C and opengl ATM only 2 may be recruited We will send you a Informational packet when you send a email to <url snipped according to forum policy> Your time and little help will be a huge sucess!!!
For the money thing I wanna say one last thing we need to get the project done payed for I am getting a connection t1 or t2 or something I looked into know deals And we will host the servers in diffrent locations once the game is done If you would Like we will send over prolly ad 700-900 dollar software for hosting the game and other stuff Secrets, Adminstrator items
None are to be shared with public!!!

Rather ambitious for a 17 year old kid.
Do remember that such things are more usually started by large companies with massive budgets employing well paid professionals rather than by a bunch of kids in their bedrooms.

You'd be far better off trying something on a smaller scale, and actually getting it to work and work well before you attempt a major project.

And once you do get to start such a major project, take care of the spelling and grammar of your press releases and other publications.

I will help you, i know c++ just email me: [email removed]

tomtetlaw, how long have you been here - reviving dead threads, and posting an e-mail?

is it a crime to revive dead threads?

Tis general forum courtesy.

Haha that's awesome. I think it's great when young folks are setting their goals high to do some crazy stuff. The worst that could happen is....nothing...you don't complete anything, but you'll learn every step of the way.

I've been trying to program games since i was 11 years old. I'm 22 now, have a Computer Science degree from Brown University, and I work for a company that makes a really popular smartphone right now....

I must say that diving into it (and learning how EFFIN HARD it is), is a great way to understand what you're up to.

BTW---- make it easier for yourself. Start off with a language like BlitzMax. Focus on 2D tile-based games before venturing into 3D land.

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