Changes since 0.6:

  • Most of code hase been rewritten from scratch.
  • Added autocamera.
  • Added save and load functionality.
  • Added Shisen-Sho game mode.
  • Added assumption of optimal settings at the first start of the game.
  • Added German language support.
  • Lots of interface changes.
  • Single archive.
  • Faster number of turns calculation / faster tile selection with large Mahjong layouts.
  • Now settings and savegames are in ‘My Documents/OGStudio’ under Windows and ‘~/.OGStudio’ under Linux.
  • Added lots of human-readable error messages.
  • Added verbose logging into single file.
  • Dropped support of incomplete themes. Theme “9 may” was remoded.

Download the game for:

Additional music.
Download this archive and unpack it to the game directory.

Linux dependencies.
To run the game on various Linux distributions, you need to install additional packages first.

  • Debian 6: libopenal1 libfreeimage3
  • Mint 10: libfreeimage3
  • Ubuntu 11.04: libopenal1 libfreeimage3
  • Fedora 14: openal-soft freeimage
  • openSUSE 11.4: openal-soft libpcreposix0 libfreeimage3 (i586 x86_64)
  • Mandriva 2010.02: openal (libfreeimage3 or lib64freeimage3)
  • Arch 2010.05: openal freeimage libvorbis xdg-utils glut
  • Slackware 13.37: openal freeimage
  • Other: usually you need to install glut freeimage openal pcre.

Homepage: http://opengamestudio.org

Any feedback is welcome :)

I'll try that. What have you used for 3D?


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