Our project proposal had already been approve it is intitled "The Adventures of Rico".
We are planning to use flash, but our knowledge about this game development is limited.
The plan is will create a 2d animation, and use actionscripts but we don't have much the idea how to code actionscripts.

We also want that this game to be Load in somehow like a GAME LOADER/EMULATOR, Is it possible to make one in Visual Studio or in Flash itself. The feature must be compatible to all versions of FLash...It can load games even it is diffenrent in Flash version...

Is this be possible??
Please help us to make it happen..

Good day to All of you!
God Blitz!

You'll have to learn Actionscript then =) There's gobs of tutorials out there on how to write games using Flash, you'll just have to start learning it or hire someone else to do it for you.

There is the standalone Flash player that can be obtained from Adobe. It lets you run flash w/out the browser. I can't guarantee its backwards compatibility, though.

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