Hi guys,

I haven't been on daniweb for a while, I've started learning scripting in UDK.

But still I wish to make smaller games using native languages.

So here goes my question: what is the best IDE for programming small games with nice UI?

So far, for programming win apps I have used Borland Builder only, and it doesn't seem as a piece of software that is easy to make nice UI with ( no support for PNG kills me ).

On the other hand, VC++ seems pretty good for that.

My plan is to make a little Dominos game, for PC only.

I am familiar with C++, therefore is VC++ the best choice? Can you tell me more about that?

Thank you and happy New Year to everyone! :D

Well, I came up with this question because I realized I wouldn't be able to rotate images, which is major problem in dominos game.

I see you have power and health in your UI, seems you're aiming to something more complex, right?

From that experience, would you recommend learning SDL and OpenGL for simpler projects?

Thank you for replying.

Well actually Im jsut starting out. I am going to try to make a basic tank game. PM me if you wanna check it out, I can help you with stuff aswell.

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