Good day folks,

I hope you can help me with this one, I want to create a game. Can you tell me where to start, what softwares I need to study and what particular knowledge I should have.

I'm not new to programming so do you think it will be hard if I want to learn this kind of thing?

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How hard it will be depends on just how ambitious you are, and what languages and tools you intend to use. Is there a specific type of game you are considering learning how to make? As for where to find information, well, is probably a good resource, as it's a good deal more specialized and has a large number of articles and tutorials. Another to consider is, which is smaller but a bit more beginner-friendly.

I would recomend to start off with flash. you can create really reach art and animations for games in flash, and if you do not know as3.0 or as2.0 go ahead and buy ActionScript 3.0 for adobe flash cs 4 from amazon. It isn't a to get down.

If you want to learn how to program, one option might be C# you can download C# 2010 Express for free from Microsoft and the xna plugin. You will find plenty of resources online for getting started and will quickly see results your be proud of.

start by reducing your ambitions from creating the next multi-billion dollar revenue first person shooter in your bedroom during a few weekends to creating a text based maze.'

What language you implement that in is utterly irrelevant.

jwenting: I have done what you said. I made a full-fledged text-based RPG in Ruby, with items and stats and talent trees and monsters and shops and all that. But I have no idea how to take the next step, and give it graphics! I mean, none.

You can try out the Unity Engine or Unreal Engine now. I believe that is the next big step that you're looking for :)

Thanks! Are those suited for 2D?

Its suited for 3D mostly.

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