Hello, I am a 3rd year Computer Science major and taking a introduction to game design course. The project from this week is defined as follows:

  1. Java game
  2. Use the jMonkey SDK
  3. "use an existing game engine and map to modify and create your own level"
  4. "The level you create must be unique, realistic and playable by multiple players"

My problem: I have spent 2 days looking for source code for java games and have not found any that fit the criteria, or are on sites that require a monthly subscription. I found some games, but they are JAR files and I don't know a way to change the files from that format. I HAVE looked at the jMonkey help files and didn't find anything.

A website, thread or instructions on how to modify a JAR file would be appreciated.

Thank you

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I thought JMonkey had game examples with code that you can look at?!

Would that be the projects that they have listed on their site? I couldn't find any that said that the game was multiplayer.

If you know of one, I will happily check it out.

See item #3 in your list of instructions - modify an existing game. That seems to be the crux of the problem. Your professor appears to want that you take one of those single-player games and adapt it to a multi-player model. Sounds like a challenge! :-) He/she is trying to get you to think how to take what is, and adapt it to your needs - requires thought, design effort, and coding work. Good luck!

This sound like it would be great fun, however this is the 3rd week of class and we have only this week to do the project. Although I'd be up for the opportunity, I don't think the time frame is feasable and this leads me to think that we are expected to find a pre-existing open-sourced multi-player game in java.

I have found one game (http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=2186&lngWId=2#refresh) but I'm having troubles running it in JMonkey.

I have loaded the project from zip and added all the java files to the same package, but the files still don't show in the 'files' window and it doesn't have the option to run project or run file.

Thanks for the responses!

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