Hey guys,

Not sure if i should be posting this here so i'll just give it a shot.

I've been planning a board game but as of this moment i'm just thinking of concepts for the movement of a player. Because it is an Alien theme where aliens invade earth and are trying to abduct animal specices i was thinking of making the movement based on a node-based tile system with a die and you could move in any direction and eventually move to certain location. It's an alright idea but the "mechanics" and "story" doesn't seem to correlate well (i.e. alien can travel to planets to planets yet they have to move slowly to from countries to other countries...wut? maybe they're on foot but they could just use their spaceships to travel instead.)

What do you guys think? Got any better concepts for movement? I'm also thinking that the spaceship's materials can't withstand the earth's atmophsere and thus they have to be on foot to travel..it's an okay idea but maybe i'll use.

we can only give advice on tech problems. for creative, i think you have to resolve yourself