Alright, well I've already taken Java programming at Auburn University for my first programming class. I'm taking C programming this coming semester. I've been learning C all summer, and now I would like to try making simple games! I have DEV C++ as my compiler, but I'm not sure where to go from here to make games. What all do I need to start creating them? Or is my compiler all I need? All information is welcome!

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Try C# and XNA Game Studio. I'm building a simple 2D rpg game right now and it's not hard at all with a java background

The best way is using the languege you are comfortable my case it would be java, so I use JME3 but that only counts as the programming languege, next I use Blender which is a open source 3D modler to design and incorporate my models, my final opinion would be to use the languege you like best


If you want to do console games, you don't really need anything more than the compiler.

If you want to use C/C++ and have actual graphics, check out the SDL or SFML libraries. They make it real easy to get some basic graphics and game stuff up and running. If you want something a bit deeper, look into OpenGL or DirectX (if you're on Windows), but they will take more work to get something up and running.

If you want to learn yet another language, you can follow Slyvr's advice, but if you want to stick with C/C++, you're best off using one of the previously mentioned libs.

It all depends on how complex of a game you want to make.

Before starting C#(or XNA), learn the basics of the OOP(object oriented programming), objects, classes, methods, constructors, inheritance. After this C# will be a very easy for you, if you can make and use event handlers you can start making simple games.

Do not use DevC++, it is unsupported, outdated and more or less all around awful. If you insist on going the C++ route, use Visual C++ Express 2010 or if not on Windows, use CodeBlocks ( or Eclipse/Netbeans ).

agree with kel634- firstly learn the basics of the OOP, and it would be much easier for you further on

Can I join your project? I know unity, java and c++ and am yet to design my 1st game..

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