I don't know how to programm but i wana that u help me

Not asking for much, are you? :rolleyes:

Read some programming books and take some tutorials on the language(s) you are interesting in learning. Programming is basically an exercise in structured thought and logic. Decide what you want to do. Determine how you might solve the problem. Write out the steps in a concise, logical manner (diagrams help). And then start programming. Bingo, you are now a programmer!

I agree with everything except the last sentence. Doing what you said does not make someone a programmer any more than nailing two boards together makes someone a carpenter. Even building a birdhouse doesn't get you there. One of the biggest problems in the industry is that anyone can call themselves a programmer. Yes, there are self-taught programmers out there who are worth their weight in gold. But for every one of those there are a thousand unqualified hacks.

If you want to start programming you should try learning C# or Java. I would recomend watching beginers tutorial for these languages. Also you would probaly need a text editor, if you get Java eclipse is a good choice, or if you decide to try C# get visual studio. Make sure you learn the fundimentals of programming and start to understand the logic needed for programming. If you can do that learning a new language would be alot easier. Hope this helps honestly Im still high school and only been programming for a few years in class online tutorials really help me learn and maybe the same for you.

if your aim is to start video programming then BasicGL is for you!