I'm thinking of a game to make from Python 2.7.10, so can you guys tell me what should I make and then I could put the code in a reply :)

Not asking for much are you? You figure out what game you want to code, and then you write the code. Post code and such here when you have run into problems. Sorry, but we don't do your work (or homework) for you!

Of course you don't!

No one but you knows what game you should program. We don't know anything about you or your personality or your skill level or anything else. How could we suggest what you should create?

Me, I like a good Solitaire game or a strategy game or a crossword puzzle game or a Shoot 'em up game.

But how would you know to suggest that to me? You wouldn't because you don't know me. You might suggest I create Minecraft, which I think is boring. Personal opinion.

Figure out what you like and do it.

Thanks :1

One of my all time favorite Unix was called Rogue. We spent hours searching for old fruits, picking up tokens, trying different weapons & armor. You could become a wizard if you were clever enough and then banish all the other players to the dungeons. So any D&D game with monsters & swords works for me.

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