The thing is creating a game is hard to pursue if you live in an Asian family not being racist but im one of them having my elderly taunting me that you cannot earn money on some stupid game have a real job like law or do medical school.

Re: Should i continue on GameDev or Nah 80 80

This would make a fine discussion today for lunch but with COVID-19 that won't be happening soon.

As I know a lot of software developers I will write they are a varied lot. The ones that work for others in the game industry that I know didn't hit the jackpot but put in long hours doing what to some would be grueling work.

Now if you want to develop your own game, go for it. Some make coin with skins and such. I can't possibly write all that is possible in the software and game industry but 99.9% of your success is you. If you can invest the time, develop your skill and if you want your own game, then you might get by.

I don't want to discourage you but there are articles about mobile app developers and how much they make. At first it was like the first folk to the gold mines but now, not so much. But hey, come up with something that folk like and you've hit a mother load.

I think your family is great in trying to help you find your way. Eventually they won't be there to provide whatever they provide so be sure you can make it somehow. If you want to pursue a software career, don't fixate on just games. The industry is much larger than that.

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