Hello again. After my past few weeks getting annoyed with compiling issues, I seem to have started getting somewhere.(Visual C++)
I have a quick question. Since visiting numerous sites and experimenting with various sample and source codes I am finding one thing. One block of code from a certain site will work, one from another won't. Does this mean that OpenGL code needs to be radically modified depending on the compiler being used. Is it maybe worth my while installing linux instead of the unstable MSwindowsXP. Can anyone suggest a competent compiler?
Thanx Jason

generally most compilers will be compatible with eachother

The problem is with microsoft visual C++ as it uses slightly nonstandard syntax and libaries so needs a bit of tweaking

Personally, my fave windows compiler/ide is Bloodshed Dev C++ (free with lots of tutorials and the most recent version comes with an opengl example)

I dont think the OpenGL code depends on the compiler but on OS --- yes.

If you need to run the same code on different OS's you can head over to NeHe where he has provided code snippets for different OS's and different compiler (OpenWatcom etc. )

IMHO, you are better off writing code which is portable which won't be difficult since OpenGL itself if platform independent.

If any more doubts repost.