Hello, i'm a 3D Modeller and am ready for work, terms i require:

*Your game must have a good team head and know what they're doing.
*Your game is all thought out and is ready to become 3D.
*Your game should at least have a good looking future. No hobby "makin an MmO lyk WOW." type things either.
*Payment and/or a spot on the admin/GM team.

Examples (low poly in-game models):


I can do environments, items, weapon etc. But cannot do human models that well.

Email: [email removed]

Over and out. ;)

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not to be rude but your models/environments dont show much but the same item composed of simple primitives copied over and over again.

not enough variation in your work.


Also it you are going to be a 3D artist show off high res models when ever you can. Also have a portfolio site or something which shows image previews first before linking to the full images. Looks a whole lot more professional.

It is also a good idea to show screen shots of games you have worked on too.

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