here is a question which some would consider silly but i would still love to ask.

what are the chances of C# or java replacing c++ as the gaming language? more and more books are being written about game design in C#.

c++ has the advantages of being fast and small in memory. but computers gets ever faster and memory gets ever bigger. consider intel's plan for a processor with 8 cores. each with hyperthreading. that is 16 processors. and the planned changes to the bus which would greatly improve memory access.

not only would this make the computer powerfull enough to make java and c# viable for game programming but since these are multithreaded languages they make more use of multiple processors. very few c++ games contain support for multiple processors.

so what do you guys think? not only about the multiple processors but also the increase in processor speed and memory size. would it be enough to make these languages an option for game programming?

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Well java dosen't work on c++ so i don't think the game will be up to the mark.....

What does that mean? The bottom line is that C# will never replace C++, simply because of cross platform and speed restraints. With more and more mac and linux desktops out there every day, what are thye going to do, miss out on hundreds of millions of potential customers.... ugh, i dont think so. :/

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