Hello Guys,

Well I am converting a web application which is made using html, javascript, css and ajax.Now I also want to open this apps on the android tablet but I do not want to change the coding techniques because this apps will going to open on the browser of the tablet.Currently on we are using IE8 for this apps on the desktop.

So far I have encountered many problems like:

1. Scrllbars(Div:overflow) not working on tablet.

2. Header and footer are not displaying to their fixed positions.

3. showModalDialog is not working.

Many few other problems too but above are major one.

So anyone have any idea how to crack these problems.Main problem which I was facing is of scrollbars.The page just showing the 10 records(As coded) and other records are invisible.I cannot scroll down to see the remaining records because there is no scroll bar showing on the page.

Please help me in this.Any help or clues will surely appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Arvind Thakur