Hi all guys,
I have a THD PX1, it has win 7 and supports multitouch.
And I am new to Linux, but I am an expert in android.
I made some researches on different distro of Linux.
Can anyone suggest me any distro that can work on this tablet?
I found Enlighnment 17 desktop environment very nice.
it supports multitouch, have 1.66 GHz intel atom processor + 160 GB hdd and 1 GB of ddr2 ram, and 256 MB ob intel VGA card.
I appreciate your suggestions.

It doesn't really matter which distro you use, because the kernel is what contains the drivers that will support your hardware, so the hardware you have shouldn't be your deciding factor.

My suggestion is just pick a distro and try it. Don't worry too much about which one you start with because you will probably try more than just one distro and figure out yourself what you like.

And since hardware support isn't really that different between distros, better criteria for selecting a distro are things like are you new to linux (try ubuntu) are you looking for something a little more cutting edge (fedora) or do you like to do everything yourself (slackware).

And another thing, no matter which distro you use, you can always switch from the initial desktop environment to the one you want (such as enlightenment).

can anyone help i have a thd-px1 and cannot find which button to press for wireless network