Hi there,

I'm looking for a Cross-Platform to build native mobile apps. It should meet the following requirements:

- It should support these OS: iOS, Windows Mobile, Android

- I'm NOT looking for frameworks to build WEB apps using HTML, JS, and so on. The wanted platform/tool/framework should use a single codebase and compile/interprete/etc. it to the platform-specific code (some are calling this "app generator", others "interpreted app")

- The codebase's language should be Java, Python or C++ (best-case: Java)

- It should be possible to access the following hardware: GPS, Sound, Harddrive

- free (academic) license / open-source

I already spent a few days now, exploring tons of (good) frameworks for cross-platforms but none of them met all these requirements :-(

Rhodes is using Ruby (which I don't want to learn), Appcelerator doesn't support Windows Mobile, Ramp has no access to GPS-Coords, MoSync has no access to GPS-Coords on Windows Mobile and so on -.-

Thanks in advance!

So far,