i'm new in using j2me,, and currently i'm using eclipse to build the j2me..

and i'm using mysql for the database, how do i connect them?

and how can i retrieve the data from the database?

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  1. Setup server with database
  2. Send query in POST/GET format
  3. Wait for reply

There been some attempts to get SQLite on JME platform, but not sure how far they got. Other soution would be to use RecordStore

I am not that much good in this particular mater, there is an application called “Niando” mainly brought up for gets rid of database errors. So I would suggest you to try this specific application. Hope it will give you the ideal solution. Good luck.

i'm currently using Xampp for the database, which server is integrated to Eclipse?

XAMPP is not database, but rather setup of Apache server with MySQL database and PHP or Pearl enabled.
So you need to get yuor facts stright:
1. either you want to use of device database and comunicate with http request/responce
2. or you want to do something as I suggested above PersistanceStorage or SQLite

Please make up your mind as these are two different things

okay,,so i want to build a j2me app but using mysql as a database what software should i use?

That mean you want to have remote database and provide some sort of web service that can be build with either Java(servlet), PHP or even .NET. Check your school work library for Begining J2ME: From Novice to Professional and have look at chapter 10 (link is to books.google.com where sections of book is vieawable) that explains HTTP communication

what is remote database?

Ohhh boy!

  • Local database = database installed on your (local) pc or mobile device
  • Remote database = database installed on pc or mobile device to which you have to access through LAN/WAN (cable or wirelles network)

i'm sorry i'm still learning this j2me,, how can i create remote database? can i use phpmyadmin?

You can use what ever tools you want, just do not forget to implement server side that will listen for queries comming from mobile, extract parameters, execute query and return any results if need it

i'm use j2me in eclipse for nokia developement but how to create local database in j2me with all qurey.
So please help me.

@prashant0804 read above replies and show some effort

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