as a undergrad student i am thinking of making a mobile application online traffic system and informer using java specially for nokia mobile devices i have almost finished developing its algorithm and some design works are on progress but i am really stuck and confused about which ide should i use, which sdk to use and how to test my application on pc (is there any emulators for nokia mobiles)?? i have never build any mobile applications so i am really stuck here and desperately need help!!!!!!! plz plz plz HELP AS SOONER AS YOU CAN ANYONE HELP HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NetBeans has a JME development environment as do most other "mainstream" IDE's. Choose one and try it out (they are also able to emulate JME run environments), but you will need one of the devices to deploy to to test it properly.

do i have to test my application in the device itself isn't there any kind of emulators for mobiles ??

What did I just say. The IDE's come with execution environments, but you will still want a device to deploy to and test on.

oh sorry !!! thanks i didn't get it at first thanks for your help