My project is a quiz type app which downloads data from a MySQL database and displays it in a custom dialog box. I've made 2 custom dialog boxes; one for the question and one for the answer/explanation. I've got it working so once a button on main view is clicked it displays the question dialog box but I want to make it so when clicking the 'continue' button on that dialog box, the custom answer dialog box will show. Despite my code making logical sense to me, it does not seems to work and perhaps a fresh pair of eyes could bring light to this dilemma.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  /** Question Custom Dialog */
    if (view == findViewById(R.id.DialogBox)) {
        //List items
        final CharSequence[] items = {rs_wronganswer1, rs_wronganswer2, rs_correctanswer};
        //Prepare the list dialog box
        final Dialog dialog = new Dialog(context);
        //Set its title
        dialog.setTitle("Question 1");

        TextView text = (TextView)dialog.findViewById(R.id.textView1);

        final android.widget.RadioButton rbutton1 = (android.widget.RadioButton)dialog.findViewById(R.id.radioButton1);
        final android.widget.RadioButton rbutton2 = (android.widget.RadioButton)dialog.findViewById(R.id.radioButton2);
        final android.widget.RadioButton rbutton3 = (android.widget.RadioButton)dialog.findViewById(R.id.radioButton3);


        final Button ContinueButton = (Button) dialog.findViewById(R.id.ContinueQ);

                        ContinueButton.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {

                            public void onClick(View v) {                   
                                // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                            //need to check if they've got the right answer
                                if (rbutton1.isChecked()) {
                                CharSequence Rbutton1Text = rbutton1.getText();
                                if (Rbutton1Text.equals(rs_correctanswer)) {
                                    UserRorW = "Correct";
                                } else UserRorW = "Incorrect";

                                if (rbutton2.isChecked()) {
                                    CharSequence Rbutton2Text = rbutton2.getText();
                                    if (Rbutton2Text.equals(rs_correctanswer)) {
                                        UserRorW = "Correct";

                                    } else UserRorW = "Incorrect";

                                if (rbutton3.isChecked()) {
                                    CharSequence Rbutton3Text = rbutton3.getText();
                                    if (Rbutton3Text.equals(rs_correctanswer)) {
                                        UserRorW = "Correct";
                                    } else UserRorW = "Incorrect";


                                /**Answer page custom dialog */
                                //Eclipse doesn't seem to like the code in the line below

                                    final Dialog AnswerDialog = new Dialog(context);
                                    //Set its title
                                    AnswerDialog.setTitle("You were...");

                                    TextView VerdictText = (TextView)AnswerDialog.findViewById(R.id.VerdictA);

                                    TextView ExplanationText = (TextView)AnswerDialog.findViewById(R.id.ExplanationA);
                                    ExplanationText.setText(/*need to add explanation json data in here */ "");

                                    final android.widget.Button NextQButtonA = (android.widget.Button)AnswerDialog.findViewById(R.id.ExplanationA);
                                    final android.widget.Button CancelButtonA = (android.widget.Button)AnswerDialog.findViewById(R.id.CancelA);


it does not seems to work

Well that is not much of explanation on issue. Perhaps you can start with checking Logcat and tell us if there are any errors reported

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