Can any one tell me that which tool is the best for me for the mobile develoment also which language is the must for me to first learn
thanks for reading guys

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For which mobile device are you looking into? Android or iOS?

To do an app (for iOS) you would use objective-c and it is recommended to use x-code (from Apple).

For android on the other hand you should look into, I don't know very much about android. I recommend you google for more information or explore this forum more because there are many sources here :)

You could use ActionScript3 or Flash to create an AIR app which can run on iOS and android platforms without learning Objective-c or Java.

Flash is not supported for Android 4.1 and above. It is legacy software about to die out. For morein details advice we need to know what mobile platform OP intends to develop, however I fear it is another of his question to spam signature links

@peter... I am an iPhone so I would not know if it is supported or not on Android 4.1 and above but I believe you can download an AIR runtime app on Android based device or even package AIR runtime within your newly made app.

@rotten69 there is a wide conclusion that Flash should be droped as technlogy as there are better options available. Nevertheless asifalizaman couldn't be bothered to come and explain more in details what he wants. Just a spammer, that will be soon banned

@asifalizaman It only depend on you mobile like Blackberry, Android and ISO etc. C++ Will be best.

@davidkroj and where will you apply C++ knowledge on which platform? Android with Java, Blackbarry with Java Micro or with iPhone and Objective C?
Given this is only your second chance I will give you chance, but next post like this will be treated as spam

Do ensure that all posts contain relevant content and substance and are not simply vehicles for external links, including signature links

For android i recommend eclipse to programme in and Java + XML for the languages.

For android i recommend eclipse to programme in and Java + XML for the languages.

And you base your statement on what? Eclipse was tool of choice when Android came out as it was free unlike IntelliJ at that time (now there is free community version), Eclipse was far better performing then NetBeans. At the moment has still most features then any other IDE, however is just crap in regards of Maven build management and now is starting to lag in regards of implementation of Gradle.
When I started in current company there was 50-50 Eclipse and IntellliJ usage. Now after 6 months it is 0-100, we are all using IntelliJ

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