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I am creating an application that will send and receive a data from a phone application like a
native android application will do. (e.g. A Client-Server relationship).
Can anyone suggests or tell me how does an android phone(we are using PhoneGap) which is our client side sends a data to a C# Application which is our server side application?

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Your help is highly appreciated.

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in my case i want to communicate with bluetooth. The bluetooth application in android will communicate with bluetooth application in PC. the code has no errors when i compile in eclipse IDE. however as emulator doesn't support bluetooth i cant test it in IDE. So i tried deploying the app in my android phone but the app is not working....So how to test it in my pc and then deploy it in my phone...

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Connect phone through USB and you can start application in phone instead of emulator and in doing so you will get all logs with potential errors from it. On your phone in Settings > Applications you need to find Development option and enable USB debuging

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