Hi all,

I am developing a android application using phonegap and html5.when I installed the app in my mobile (android) , it doesnt render sinhal well, only 2, 3 letters are rendered in a word.

Then I attached sinhal font(.ttf) file to css and set the font family to the relvent type. then most of part of the problem was solved. Now I can read sinhala but not perfectly. "Sinhala is actually complex language with comparing English language". when I host the files to a web server then I tried the web site. it works perfectly beacause all curret browses can render sinhala well. but not in android os. I know still android has not release official supporting to sinhala. one of my friend has written a sinhala supporting android browser. so I believe this should be able to do with my android application too.

can anybody give me hint or guid to solution?

thanks in advance....

As mentioned i the other post till Android comes with support of the language there is nothing that can be done. I warned you that using fonts is not what proper language support does