Dear all,

I need some help regarding my final year project, i have been assigned the title: "SMS Pizza Ordering".
I will be grateful if i get help on how will i start the project, the tools and knowledge needed to proceed.
the languages which i am good at are PHP,java and
I dont have any knowledge of mobile programming.

Description of the project is as follows:
The software must be able to receive SMS from registered users to order Pizzas. The user sends an SMS in a predefined format to a number. A GSM module connected to a PC is used to read SMS and process the order. A bill will be printed on a printer attached.

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Comeback when you decide which mobile platform you want to use and have problem to solve and not whole coursework (that is supposed to be works of your). Hence forum rule

Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Hello Peter, i apreciate your reply, i am not asking for anyone to do my coursework. i just want to be guided, like i said i don't have any knowledge related to mobile development. As you are saying mobile platform,etcc.. i would apreciate if you can tell me which one to use and other tools needed and how to proceed. Thnks

You can use any platform as all have the implementation for this and every language associated with the chosen platform will one or more tools available.

Hi, You can use AT commands to send and receive SMS. Do you want sample program?

BEst Regards,

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