Im here to ask for Your advice.

For a school project we choosed to create a android application that uses a database. As we are thrid year studens we have some experiance. But it is not as notable.
We have seen some: Access SQL only on acess. How to create a PHP website using MYSQL as server side application. I have used postgres SQL with pgAdmin to develop a java web application as a part job.

Our valus & goals:
-keep it simple.
-db must be on server. (to gain some administrative features)
-Cover 80% of code with tests :P
-to add offline mode (if it wont double workload)

What we should choose?

Thank you in advance!

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Shouldn't that be part of your learning, researching and determining which database to use? ;)

But, looking at your goals, it would be simple to keep the database in one place and avoid offline mode, unless you have the database stored locally within the application depending on what it is you actually want to store and how much... not sure what admin rights you are after on a server but not locally.

Sorry for being unaccurate in description. By admin rights i mean. The app will be free to get for users, but we need to hold some leashes to get paid... Tat is also one of many req. of the application.
What aboug cloud storage. For example "google app engine" for android aplication?

This has very little to do with Android database. Your question is server side development. Given to the fact that you did not decided what technologies to use it is hard to advice.

Simple example, Battlefield 3 game uses web interface Battlelog to show players activities. We created Android app that queries Battlelog with specificly formated requests that does return JSON objects. We then display these to user, but also in same time store it in local SQLite. Next time when user open application he do not see empty fields rather is presented with previous data, while in same time new request is executed on background to get new set of data

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