Hello, I'd like to ask if you know how to keep my simple stopwatch timer running even when I press the back button to go back to the previous activity. How can I achieve this? Thanks for your help in advance.

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I like the "StopWatch & Timer" made by sportstracklive.com

You can get it from Google Play. Just as you need, it can run in the background, but when it is, it displays a small counter in the Android notification area.

If you also have a Task Manager running, then you will need to set it to 'allow' the timer to keep running. This said, if you do have a Task Manager running in the background, it could be that app that is closing your stopwatch.

Keep your Task Manager running, but just tell it to ignore your stopwatch. If you need help with this then please tell me which Task Manager your device is using.

@BigPaw this is not what app should I download question, but rather how to do it

@bettybarnes simple solution like this harder solution you need to learn about background processes and services

Sorry, I honestly didn't realise this question was in the Software forum. I was halfway through a reply to you saying how appropriate my suggestion was when I glanced at the top of the page and realised this post was in the Software forum, and that Betty was asking a programming question. I'm not often a numpty, but when I am, I seem to do it big. :D

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